Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

With the disposable razors, you can never get enough in shaving. The problem is, you need to buy a new one the next time you shave. There are many benefits of using a straight razor and since it is used differently, you should start learning some of the basics.

If you shop around, you will find out that there are many options in the market. However, most men favor the straight razor. In fact, this is the original of all razor types and almost, if not all modern designs were based from this particular razor.

There are many benefits of using a straight razor and you too can enjoy them. The following are some of the many benefits:

•    The straight razor will give you the closest shave that will last longer
•    The razor doesn’t slip easily, preventing accidental cuts
•    Highly durable
•    You can sharpen the razor repeatedly
•    Affordable over the long term

The straight razor is more expensive in comparison to the disposables but it can last for a long time. You will only make a one-time investment and the razor can be used repeatedly unlike the disposable razors.

Local knife shops and online stores can offer you a wide range of straight razors that can meet your needs. Make sure that you purchase a quality and durable razor. To save money, you have the option to buy razor kits instead. The kit will already include the razor, the shaving cream, special soaps, and the oil for maintenance of the blade.

Using the straight razor is not an easy task. A lot of men have gotten used to the disposable and electrical razors, which is a complete different ball game. It will take time before you can master using the straight razor. Be patient, don’t rush and be sure to shave slowly but surely. As mentioned earlier, the straight razor does not slip easily. Practice makes perfect. Once you have the straight razor, you shouldn’t buy the disposable ones. Make it a point to use it regularly so that you can prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs and razor burns.

The long term advantages of using the straight razor can’t be ignored. This type of razor is also called a cut-throat or open razor. Many years ago, this razor was once used for manual shaving. However, with the popularity of the safety razors, more and more people have overlooked this great option.

It is important that you need to develop strong strop and hone skills. In addition, you have to exercise extra care when shaving. When shaving, you will have to use the blade in a 30-degree angle. You also have to move it sideways. Make sure that the blade is sharp whenever you use it. Keep leather at hand because you will need it when you strop the blade.

Currently, there are still other manufacturers that offer the straight razor. Among the trusted brands in the market are Thiers Issard, Solingen, and DOVO. There are many reasons why a lot of people use the straight razor rather than the disposable ones. If you are still unsure, you can ask a friend for advice and to even show you how to use it properly, especially if you’re using it for the first time.

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